Brasero con leña

de naranjo

Todas las carnes en L’encís se cocinan en nuestro brasero con leña de naranjo.

Este modo de cocción da a nuestras carnes una textura y una jugosidad sin igual. Un sabor espectacular que te dejará sin palabras y te hará descubrir una nueva manera de degustar una carne.



Media ración / Ración

  • Valencian cheese platter with blown bread and quince jelly 11€ /18,50€

    A selection of 5 cheeses from "la terreta" made from goat's, cow's and sheep's milk that will teleport you to rural atmospheres and will surprise you with their diversity. Between one cheese and the next you should cleanse your palate with some quince jelly or walnuts and, to round off the experience, our customized blown bread will give you the crunchy touch you were looking for. (1) (7) (8)

  • Basket of house breads with aioli 2,50€

    Accompany your “picaetas” with this selection of seasonal breads including our semi-toasted cocaccia bread made with a traditional recipe based on the "coca de recapte". Spread them with aioli or butter, as we've always done. (1) (3) (7)

  • Chickpea and green olive spread with jalapeño pepper sauce “pico de gallo” 6,20€

    A different appetizer inspired by Lebanese cuisine but with a "d'ací" (from here) touch. An adventure of perfectly combined flavours, with a creamy and fresh texture that is interrupted by the crunchiness of the vegetables and their mild spicy element. (1) (11) (12)

  • Crispy coquita with roasted vegetables, cured mackerel and red pepper foam 5,10€

    For this appetizer we have been inspired by the traditional Valencian "cocas" of ratatouille and tuna that abound in the ovens of our villages. As always, we have transformed it according to our particular vision of things so that the result is both traditional and modern at the same time. (1) (4) (7) (12)

  • L'Encís salad with “capellán torrao” cured fish and pickled carrots cream 8,80€

    ​A different kind of salad with a smooth base and a creamy texture. We add pico de gallo with jalapeñoo for a spicy touch and black olives to round off a very Mediterranean mix of flavours. (1) (3) (4) (7) (9) (12)

  • Salad "Mavi" with smoked salmon and mozzarella di buffala 16,30€

    The favourite salad of your favourite salad. Created in honour of our beloved @mavitrapos. Made with local tomato, selected smoked salmon, Italian mozzarella di buffala and cashew nuts with lemon and basil gel. We finished it off with two vinaigrettes, one out of strawberry and another out of mango. (4) (7) (8) (12)

  • Citrus pekinese duck tartar with soy cured egg yolk 15,90€

    We reinvented our acclaimed tartar in an even more bizarre version. It's like a bun but with an explosion of indescribably fresh flavours and a creaminess that will leave you with many questions and very few answers. (1) (3) (6) (7) (12)



Media ración / Ración

  • L'Encís bravas in 3 cookings with spicy chutney and quince aioli 6,90€ / 11,90€

    Selected potatoes that we cut and cook in 3 stages: first steamed so that they are very tender on the inside, then baked in the oven to give them a light toasting and, finally, fried so that they are crispy on the outside, just the way you like them. And, to make sure you enjoy them to the max, we put two amazing sauces on them. A spicy homemade tomato chutney, only for the brave, and a finger-licking sweet and savoury, playful quince aioli. (3) (7) (12)

Ración / Unidad

  • Prawn croquette with citrus mayonnaise and pickled onion 12,00€ / 2,50€

    ​If you like homemade croquettes, don't hesitate to try ours. We make an infused béchamel sauce to extract all the flavour of the best seafood and then we grind them one by one, with Japanese breadcrumbs, to make them creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. (6 uds.) (1) (2) (3) (4) (6) (7) (12)

  • Smoked bacon and caramelised onion croquette with cava scalded apple 12,00€ / 2,50€

    With a touch of cinnamon in the béchamel sauce and a dash of pickled cream to give a "punch" to the combination of flavours. (6 pcs.) (1) (3) (7) (12)

  • “Fabulous Farm” croquette with pumpkin and vegetables 12,00€ / 2,50€

    With such a pleasant taste and texture that you won't believe it's a 100% vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free croquette. We accompany it with mango vinaigrette and pico de gallo with jalapeños. (6 pcs.) (12)

  • Cantonese Ha Gao with prawn, oyster sauce and black aioli 9,30€ / 3,50€

    This is the original Cantonese Dim Sum, from which all other dumplings such as Japanese gyozas are descended. The dough is very difficult to make, but we dare to do anything and, to give it our Levantine touch, we replace the soy sauce with black garlic aioli. (3pcs) (1) (2) (3) (6) (7) (8) (11)

  • Ha Gao L'Encís with citrus peking duck and pumpkin cappuccino 9,30€ / 3,50€

    Our peculiar vision of this Chinese "tapa". In this case we fill it with juicy pulled duck meat and vegetables bathed in peking sauce with orange and lime juice. The special touch comes with the pumpkin cappuccino, a consommé with roasted pumpkin and a topping of Parmesan cream. (3 pcs.) (1) (6) (7) (8) (11) (12)

  • Vegetable and mushroom Ha Gao with mild chipotle sauce 9,30€ / 3,50€

    The most tender version of this delicious oriental snack, but with local vegetables, assorted spongy mushrooms and a light spicy and smoky touch from Mexican chipotle chillies. (3 pcs.) (5) (6) (8) (11) (12)

  • Tikka masala-style “mullaoret” with lean pork, wild rice and kimchi mayonnaise 8,50€

    Tender cubes of national pork stewed like a traditional lunchtime dish, but lightly flavoured with curry and coconut milk to make the result tremendously mild and just a hint exotic. We served it with ginger wild rice and a few dots of kimchi dressing mayonnaise to take you on a trip to the moon. (3) (6) (7) (8) (11) (12)

  • Grilled baby squid with their ink sauce and Ponzu mayonnaise 5,40€

    Tasty and very tender grilled Patagonian squid, which we serve on a base of quinoa flavoured with ginger and sautéed with black pudding. We finish with a duo of sauces and a crunchy crust for a casual coastal tapas. (1) (3) (4) (6) (7) (12) (13)

  • Grilled cheese from the Vall de Catí with salted Iberian bacon and fried Cherry tomatoes 11,90€

    Un pedacito de cielo en forma de cremoso queso castellonense a base de pastas cocidas. Lo ahumamos y tostamos ligeramente en la brasa envuelto en finas láminas de panceta ibérica salada para que cada bocado sea indescriptiblemente sabroso y, para rematar un acabado mediterráneo aromatizamos con cherrys confitados en aceite a la pebrella. (1) (7)

Main courses

  • Grilled chicken with chumichurri 14,20€

    Nuestro plato más clásico, rústico, campestre y amistoso. Un contramuslo de pollo deshuesado (pero con su piel), cocinado al vacío y a baja temperatura para que conserve todos sus jugos y finalizado en brasa para elevar su sabor a niveles estratosféricos. Además lo acompañamos con nuestras fritas estilo deluxe y lo perfumamos con nuestro famoso chimichurri. (Aprox. 350gr) (12)

  • Braised pork fillet with mild chipotle chilli sauce 15,90€

    Un jugoso filete braseado y trinchado en cómodas tiras acompañado de patatas al horno con especias. El suave toque picante y ahumado de los chiles chipotles te llevará de aventuras y la crema de albaricoques pasificados te traerá de vuelta a casa. (Aprox. 250gr) (5) (7) (12)

  • Sous vide veal “entraña” with a reduction of its juices and black aioli 17,90€

    The entraña is a really juicy and tasty cut of meat but with a firm texture. We tenderise it by cooking it under vacuum at a low temperature for more than 16 hours so that when it arrives on your plate it is like butter. We also grill it to add flavour and a crunchy touch and accompany it with a surprising black garlic aioli. (1) (3) (6) (7) (12)

  • Grilled duck magret with molasses 21,90€

    This is arguably our most lustfully sensual offering. An extremely tender piece of red meat, lightly roasted in our vat charcoal and orange wood fire, carved into comfortable slices and with its fat on the verge of melting. We garnish it with a splash of molasses and a few shiny flakes of Maldon salt. And colours on the plate, lots of colours. You and your companion(s), a warm magret, a bottle of wine. I don't know, think about it. (Approx 400 gr)

  • Grilled entrecote 21,90€

    ​In a previous version of this menu, we talked about a dish that didn't need literature to sell it. We don't remember what we said about this one, but there's nothing to say. Well, yes, there is: that it is spectacular. We're not saying it, rumor has it. (Aprox. 300gr)

  • Monkfish stew "Suquet de Lluna" 16,50€

    ​A traditional monkfish stew from Calpe created in honour of @carloslluna. We make the stew with a lot of love, based on blue fish stock and toasted marcona almonds, so that the result is powerful but elegant at the same time. We braise the potatoes instead of adding them to the stew and finish with a few dots of refreshing orange and lemon-lime mayonaise. (1) (2) (3) (4) (6) (7) (8) (12) (13)

  • Braised bluefin tuna with spicy ratatouille and piparra chillies 24,90€

    This is basically a dish inspired by the Japanese tataki. But, like everything else, we do it on our own terms. You could say that it would be like tataki but if you made it in a "torrá" with your family or friends. Of course, the tuna is of flipping quality and, like almost everything else, we make it in our brazier to give it the “fuá” that transports you to the universe. (Approx. 180gr) (3) (4) (7) (11) (12)

  • Lomo de merluza de pincho a baja temperatura con chutney especiado y crema de escabeche 17,20€

    ​Our chef was on a fish and seafood course with a famous Michelin star chef and spent the whole month talking about how this and that, and so on, with low temperature cooking. As he was determined, we let him design a dish with fish at low temperature and the result, maybe it is not polite for us to say it, but it is impeccable. The fish is perfectly cooked without losing any juices, the texture is spongy and soft and the flavour... oh, the flavour! (3) (4) (6) (7) (9) (12)

  • The "octopus-burger" with Mallorcan sobrasada and salted Iberian bacon 18,50€

    We stole this dish (wink, wink) from @alexdelvicio. We grill the octopus leg and carve it into thin slices so that each bite is soft but consistent. Inside the brioche bun we spread a smooth layer of kimchi mayonnaise, add a crispy onion ring and a slice of sobrasada mallorquina and, finally, a slice of freshly grilled salted Iberian pancetta. Who said the sea and the mountains can’t get along? (1) (3) (6) (7) (13)

  • Vegan burger from the "Fabulous Farm" 14,60€

    Our friends at @fabulousfarmfoods have come up with a 100% veggie steak that has an unbeatable texture and flavour. We just give it a little fire and put it on a wonderful spelt bun with a slice of fresh tomato, some aromatic watercress, a bit of cava scalded tart apple and a dash of spiced oil spread by the bread, all so that you can just enjoy it. (1) (5) (8)


  • Cheese cake 4,90€

    Intense flavoured cream cheese with homemade red berry syrup. (7)

  • Brownie with mango syrup 4,90€

    Without nuts and with mango syrup... delicious. Addition of ice cream scoop 1,50€ (1) (7)

  • Conguito sphere 7,50€

    We admit it: we've designed this dessert with you in mind, so you can record it on video and upload it to your social networks. But we were also inspired by the delicious taste of the famous 90’s snacks. The result is pure chocolatey spectacle. (5) (7)

Reported allergens

1.Contains gluten / 2. Crustacean / 3. Eggs / 4. Fish / 5. Peanuts / 6. Soy / 7. Milk / 8. Nuts / 9. Celery / 10. Mustard / 11. Sesame / 12. Sulphite / 13. Moluscs / 14. Lupins

Hecho con Cariño

Hemos creado la carta de nuestro restaurante basándonos en la cocina tradicional para que cada uno de nuestros clientes se recuerden los sabores de la gastronomía valenciana, pero nos inspiramos en lo que nos ofrece el mercado para siempre despertar en nuestros invitados nuevas emociones.

De ahí este toque innovador que añade un valor agregado a la comida valenciana y la transforma en una gastronomía única.


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